AboutFace: researching the cultural and emotional histories of facial difference, surgery and transplantation

Fewer than 50 face transplants have taken place around the world since 2005 – none as yet in the UK. As an experimental and innovative form of organ transplantation, face transplants have physical and emotional effects – on patients and their families, on surgical teams and society as a whole. AboutFace explores these impacts in history, and in the present.

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AboutFace is interdisciplinary and international, based in the UK but working comparatively across geographical and academic boundaries.

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We are committed to making our research open and accessible, including sharing resources that have helped inform our project. You’ll find below a range of outputs and materials to help you explore the themes of the project in more detail.

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Photo of LEAP member Amanda Bates

A great blog series on the 'ethics and emotions' of working with photography 👇 https://twitter.com/AboutFaceYork/status/1291315469891309568

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